Day 60
April 19, 2014
All finished packing. One more day.
Day 59 (late post) 
April 18, 2014
Last day with my nephew, so sad to say bye to him but at least i get to see him before. I leave which makes me happy.
So this is a thing.
Day 58
April 27, 2014
Got some yummy street food today! 
Day 57
April 16, 2014
Got a mani pedi today, my moms goodbye present to me since i will be moving back to the states. 
Day 54 (late post)
April 13, 2014 
Spent sometime with an old ex, it was pretty fun hanging out with him again even though he kept telling me how he doesnt like me. Didn’t take a picture with him but he did buy these baby shoes for my nephew. 
day 52
April 11, 2014
Had my last day of my 2 month of culinary school somewhat of a course and got this cool certificate to prove my time and effort was well spent.  
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